This resort is upscale, peaceful and my family thoroughly enjoyed it. Our condo style suite was expertly decorated with soothing colours and boasted a full kitchen.
One of the pluses of the Marina Inn is that the staff goes out of their way to please you. A request for a kettle—(as a Canadian I like to make hot tea quite frequently) resulted in the immediate delivery of said item.

Although the resort isn’t right on the beach—that fact lead to the pampering experience of being driven to a private beach area complete with our own snack shack and comfortable chairs with umbrellas –all free of charge. We enjoyed the feeling of exclusivity.

The pool areas both indoor and outdoor delighted my boys. We had it all to ourselves in the evenings-and the temperature was perfect. There was a choice of two nearby hot-tubs and a waterfall separated the adult area from the kiddy one.

Marina Inn at Grande Dunes

But the best surprise was the indoor pool where my sons ages 15 and 9 delighted in swimming against the current provided by the “swim in place” stations in the pool.

The views from the balcony create an atmosphere of tranquility as the pool is surrounded by tropical foliage and behind it is a backdrop of the deep blue water of the marina surrounded by the emerald green lawns.

Peaceful outdoor pool

There is an excellent restaurant on the premises and Ruth’s Steakhouse is on the property as well.

The Marina Inn at Grande Dunes is highly recommended for a relaxing, upscale getaway.

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