Myrtle Beach: Best Restaurants and Attractions

There are many great places to eat and have fun in Myrtle Beach.  Here are just a few of my favourites.


On Damon's Outdoor Patio
Lunch on Damon’s Outdoor Patio

Damon’s by the Ocean

What could be better than chowing down on delicious BBQ ribs on an Oceanside patio? Not much. We all loved this casual restaurant and felt that we were getting a real taste of South Carolina cuisine.  The sides were also very tasty: our favs were the baked beans, onion straws and fried okra. Most of the grilled meat dishes  come with a yummy banana pudding for dessert.

Kono Asian Grille

My son enjoys baby saki
My son enjoys baby saki

This a great place to go if you like some fiery entertainment with your meal. Authentic Japanese chefs cook your meal right in front of you of you and incorporate all kinds of tricks along the way. Our chef had only been here for four months–he was able to tell me this but didn’t understand much else that I asked him. However he had mastered the art of  throwing of food into eager mouths and the shooting of saki and ” baby saki” ( out of a baby bottle) to keep thirst at bay.  We also enjoyed his ” volcano” which had flames shooting out of rings of onion and the food was plentiful and tasty.

Steve Phillips World Cuisine Buffet

This is no ordinary buffet. Stations with foods of the world are manned by servers and many items are prepared fresh right in front of you. As well, wait staff walk around the restaurant with additional food items and go from table to table offering patrons a samples of grilled meats and specialty dishes. The four of us thoroughly enjoyed this restaurant as there were many unique foods to sample–the staff was friendly and the service leisurely–we comfortable relaxing and trying all foods from all of the different stations as well as dessert.


Ghost and Legends  Show at Barefoot Landing

One of my best times of this trip was bonding with my teenage son at the Barefoot Landing entertainment complex. We were scared out of our wits at a live ghost show–which runs every half hour so we were the only ones at this particular time.  Scary voices and special effects had us clinging to each other in fear. Before the show we were treated to a professional tarot card reading by Myrtle Beach historian and psychic  for only 5 dollars each! This guy was fantastic–he could read both of us like books and gave lots of helpful advice. Well worth checking out!

Carolina Improv Company

The Improv Group

One type of entertainment that is new to Myrtle is the South Carolina Improv group. All four of us thoroughly enjoyed the entertaining and interactive show put on by this talent group of performers. Their games and skits engaged the audience and my kids loved it so much that they wanted to play our own improv games back at our condo. Be sure to check out this reasonably priced show, you won’t regret it. They now have moved to their own  space–The Uptown. located in Myrtle Beach Mall  and have developed a show called:  Whose Beach Is It Anyway? I can’t wait to go back to see it!

Good Vibrations

This show is a lot of fun for the whole family. Yes the focus is baby boomer music–60’s, 70’s and 80’s but there is also dancing and comedy throughout the show. The musical numbers are enhanced by the showing of historic film footage and the colourful costumes and dance numbers help keep the younger set connected. Plus many of these songs have been revived through movies or remixes so it isn’t completely foreign to them.  The theatre is large and comfortable with a nice gift shop for souvenirs. Bands featured included the Beach Boys, the
Rolling Stones and the Mamas and the Papas.

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