Girl’s Getaway to New York City-The Sex and the City Tour

Talk to women about going to New York City and you’ll have immediate excitement. The shopping, the shows, the food! No two trips are alike. On my last visit, I was determined to see things that I hadn’t seen yet.

A great way to do that–was to take the Sex and the City Tour–offered by On Location Tours. Not only is this tour a wonderful tribute to the show–but it offers a chance to visit many different iconic Manhattan locations. The tour guide–an upcoming actress and comedian was full of funny stories about her own life as well as the inside scoop on the taping of the famous television program.

First stop on the tour!

Our first stop was a sex store called the Pleasure Chest. How shocking! The guide assures us that this is where one of the main characters,  Charlotte, bought her “Rabbit” during the series. I take her word for it–but it does take me to an interesting part of Manhattan.

After perusing the goods we headed over to Bleeker stree in Greenich Village  for some retail therapy and delicious cupcakes from the famous  Magnolia Bakery Shop.


The fabulous tour ends at the bar which Steve and Aiden owned–which is actually called Scout. Here we got to relax and have a cosmo as the show was famous for.

We actually get of the bus four times but there are countless references to the program with scenes being shown on tv’s around the bus and the guide pointing out a variety of New York spots where key scenes were filmed.

I thoroughly enjoyed the tour–since I’m a huge fan of the show and it was a fun way to see areas of New York that were new to me.

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