Girlfriend Time
Girlfriend Time


Why do I travel?

To meet people whom I never would have met, to change my life path just a bit–to get away from the incessant Canadian cold and Toronto’s constant weather changes.

You don’t appreciate home and loved ones as much if you don’t take a break from them once in awhile.

My name is Neilia Sherman and I’m a social worker who loves to write personal essays, film reviews, opinion pieces and travel articles. I have been writing and getting published since 1996 and my work has appeared in hundreds of publications including the Toronto Star, Now Magazine, Today’s Parent Toronto, The National Post and the Jewish Tribune. Other specialties include health, relationships, and workplace issues. Previous columns include ” Making it Work” for the Liberal Newspaper and Travel Talk with JTO Magazine–both in the Toronto area.

Please contact me with assignments or press trip invitations at neiliasherman@yahoo.ca.



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