Couple’s Spa Getaway: Ste. Anne’s Spa, Grafton Ontario

I fell in love with St. Anne’s, the popular Ontario Destination Spa during my first visit about 10 years ago. At that time, I was nervous as a solo first time visitor. However, I was immediately put at ease by the warm staff and peaceful environment. Recently, I had the opportunity to return for a … Continue reading Couple’s Spa Getaway: Ste. Anne’s Spa, Grafton Ontario

Exploring the SolCal life–La Jolla and San Diego, California

I landed at the San Diego airport exhausted from a flight delay and immediately got into a cab. It was spotless. There sat the smiling driver, a young Ethiopian man who called himself Jonathon. We chatted the entire drive and when he dropped me off at my first stop of the trip—the Glorietta Bay Inn … Continue reading Exploring the SolCal life–La Jolla and San Diego, California

Daytona Beach Girl’s Getaway

  I just love Daytona Beach. The hard-packed sand is great for long walks and seems  especially designed  for ocean-side driving   (which is actually legal  here).  This historic Florida town has tons going on for the younger set and is quite  easy to navigate. But on a recent Girlfriend's Getaway, I learned that there is a very upscale side … Continue reading Daytona Beach Girl’s Getaway

Doral Eaglewood Resort & Spa

The newly refurbished Doral Eaglewood Resort & Spa located just 35 minutes from downtown Chicago, is a good example of the motto “Don’t judge a book by its cover." From the outside, the spa's sprawling white building, which leads to two towers, looks as if it could be almost anything; but the inside conveys the … Continue reading Doral Eaglewood Resort & Spa

Haldimand Hills Spa Village

by Neilia Sherman It was with both anticipation and trepidation that I prepared for my visit to Ste. Anne's, a Haldimand Hills Spa, which is located just over an hour east of Toronto, Ontario. I had never been to a destination spa before and wasn't sure what to expect. While I consulted with Rebecca Ryan, … Continue reading Haldimand Hills Spa Village