Couple on a Kosherica cruise.

Sail on Kosherica Cruises

Kosherica Cruises is the brainchild of Yehuda Shifman, who 14 years ago decided that he was tired of eating reheated frozen airline dinners when he attempted to take a cruise. He wanted to feel as pampered as the rest of passengers. Certainly, one of the main attractions of Kosherica Cruises is that expert chefs prepare … Continue reading Sail on Kosherica Cruises

Western Carribean Trip Aboard the Norweigan Dawn

I just returned from my first cruise ever and since I was travelling with my two boys ages 15 & 9 and my husband---all of whom do not like to get dressed up---I chose the Norweigan Cruise Line which isĀ  known for what they call Freestyle Cruising. Many cruise lines still offer traditional dining which … Continue reading Western Carribean Trip Aboard the Norweigan Dawn